American travellers building a sand replica of France’s medieval abbey at Mont-Saint-Michel in the background (July 1948).

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Slave gravesite in New York City


The heart of NYC’s Financial District is built on a huge 18th century African Burial Ground. Some 419 Africans were discovered in 1991, a large portion women and children.

The burial ground extends from Broadway Southward under City Hall, and almost to the site of the former World Trade Center. It is believed that there are as many as 20,000 slavery-era Africans in graves under the buildings in Lower Manhattan. 

Abolish historical amnesia and ponder for a moment the fact that this financial epicenter of the world is built on slavery, oppression, and death.”

Literally, and daily.

yo. that last sentence hits you in the face like a brick. 

I’m waiting for all of that ancestral rage to manifest now. I have to go down and pour libations or something because now I can’t see this and just breeze through NYC.


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The young girl in the photo is Kazimiera Mika, a 10 year-old girl mourning the death of her older sister who was killed while searching for food. Julien Bryan arrived just minutes later to witness the tragedy. Kazimiera Mika had never experienced death – naively, she pleaded with her sister “Please talk to me, please open your eyes… but you are cold. You have changed.” Photographer Julien Bryan: “As we drove by a small field at the edge of town we were just a few minutes too late to witness a tragic event, the most incredible of all. Seven women had been digging potatoes in a field. There was no flour in their district, and they were desperate for food. Suddenly two German planes appeared from nowhere and dropped two bombs only two hundred yards away on a small home. Two women in the house were killed. The potato diggers dropped flat upon the ground, hoping to be unnoticed. After the bombers had gone, the women returned to their work. They had to have food. But the Nazi fliers were not satisfied with their work. In a few minutes they came back and swooped down to within two hundred feet of the ground, this time raking the field with machine-gun fire. Two of the seven women were killed. The other five escaped somehow. While I was photographing the bodies, a little ten-year old girl came running up and stood transfixed by one of the dead. The woman was her older sister. The child had never before seen death and couldn’t understand why her sister would not speak to her…The child looked at us in bewilderment. I threw my arm about her and held her tightly, trying to comfort her. She cried. So did I and the two Polish officers who were with me…” The series of photos ran in the December 5, 1939 issue of Look magazine. Julien Bryan was later nominated for an Academy Award for his film Seige, about the terror bombing of Warsaw.

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No disrespect but I will not be disrespected.

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The remains of martyred saints, as photographed by Toby de Silva.

why are they all posing so coyly though? “what’s up babe?”

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___In Island Huxley drafts the idea that all criminal energy is based on two specific types of people. One of them is the Peter Pan type:

“I’m trying to think,” said Will, “of a good historical example of a delinquent Peter Pan.” “You don’t have to go far afield. The most recent, as well as the best and biggest, was Adolf Hitler.” (…)“A Peter Pan if ever there was one. Hopeless at school. Incapable either of competing or co-operating. Envying all the normally successful boys-and, because he envied, hating them and, to make himself feel better, despising them as inferior beings.”

So in Pala the most important way of preventing crime is to check if children belong to the Peter Pan category and treat them early enough:

“Between four and a half and five all our children get a thorough examination. Blood tests, psychological tests, somatotyping; then we X ray their wrists and give them an EEC. All the cute little Peter Pans are spotted without fail, and appropriate treatment is started immediately.”

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The Golden Gate Bridge opening ceremony, 27 May, 1937.

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The Seven Sutherland Sisters

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The Biggest Supermoon in Years is Coming Saturday Night!

The moon will make its largest, most stunning appearance of the year—an event known to scientists as “the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system” and to the popular skywatching public simply as the “supermoon.”

Photo: (the supermoon of March 2011). NASA / Bill Ingalls

Ed note: Did you know that in the 50s and 60s it was thought that in the future newlyweds would honeymoon on the moon?

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one of my collages

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Charlie Chaplin on the set of Payday, 1922..jpg

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Sir Gawain + the Green Knight by *KaiCarpenter

"Billy The Kid" ~ Dia Frampton

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